Step 2. Registration

Pay your registration deposit

Once you have received a letter of acceptance from UBC and before you can register in course(s), you must pay a $100.00 registration deposit. Please note this $100.00 is part of the total $508.80 tuition fee so the balance owing will be $408.80.

If you are paying, there are many methods of payment outlined here.

If your Band or Nation is paying, they must fill out a “Sponsorship/Third-Party Billing Application” form. This form can be accessed here and should be filled out and faxed to:

Enrolment Services
Fax: 604 822 9858

If your Band or Nation is paying and has missed the “Third-Party Billing” deadline there are 2 options.

  1. You can pay your registration fee and tuition and be reimbursed by your Band or Nation at a later date (check with your Band or Nation first to ensure they will reimburse you).
  2. Students can tell their Band or Nation how much their registration fee and tuition are and their Band or Nation can then write and send the cheques to UBC.

Course registration

Once you have paid your registration fee ($100.00), you should then proceed to register for the course online.

You can register by logging in to the Student Service Centre using your reference/student number. Click on “Login”. The first time you access this site, you must Sign up for *Campus-Wide Login by entering your student number and SSC password (set to your birthday YYMMDD). Click on Registration and enter the course information. e.g. FNEL 101

*In order for students to do many things online, they’ll need a Campus-Wide Login (CWL). CWL is UBC’s custom single sign-on application designed to give access privileges to many secure applications on campus, using the same login id and password. Students can sign up at Currently, the following services use CWL for authentication and authorization:

    • Student Information System
    • UBC Library
    • UBC Wireless
    • myUBC
    • UBC Connect
    • Free anti-virus

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