We chose this name for our newsletter to keep you in “the loop” with the latest FNEL news. The ɬoop is a play on sounds that we’ve used to highlight the essential role orthographies play in the documentation and revitalization of First Nations Languages.

The “ɬ” (slurpy-l) is a symbol that represents one of the many consonant sounds used in hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓, the ancestral language of the Musqueam people, and in other First Nations languages in BC, but not found in English or its writing system. As the pronunciation guide on the Musqueam website explains, “to make this sound, place your tongue as though you were going to pronounce an “l” sound and maintain contact as you blow a steady stream of air past the sides of your tongue where it rests against the inside of your molars. Creating sufficient friction is the key to producing this sound.”

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