Future Speakers Talks by Daryl Baldwin and Barbra A. Meek Available Online

March 10, 2015

Two fantastic public lectures were recently delivered by Daryl Baldwin and Barbra A. Meek to conclude the Future Speakers series for this academic year. These talks are available here:

“toopeeliyankwi, kati myaamiaataweeyankwi: We Succeed At Speaking The Myaamia Language”
Daryl Baldwin, Director, Myaamia Center at Miami Universityin Oxford, Ohio
February 22, 2016

“Colonizing Pasts, Indigenous Futures: Imagining Indigenous Languages Beyond the Present”
Barbra A. Meek, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Linguistics, and Native American Studies at the University of Michigan
March 2, 2016

For more information about the Future Speakers Series, click here.