When is the admissions deadline for the undergraduate program?
The deadline for undergraduate admissions for the 2015 Summer Session and 2015-2016 Winter Session has passed. Deadlines for the Summer Session are typically mid-January while the deadline for the Winter Session is typically end of January. For more information, visit UBC’s pages on application deadlines.

How much is tuition?
Tuition for undergraduate students is calculated on a per credit basis. For more information, visit UBC’s pages on undergraduate tuition.

What are the requirements for a major or minor in First Nations and Endangered Languages?
FNEL faculty are currently in discussion about offering a major and minor in the near future.

How do I apply as an undergraduate?
Click here for information on undergraduate admissions.

Where can I find out about undergraduate First Nations and Endangered Languages courses?
Undergraduate First Nations and Endangered Languages courses are posted here.

Where can I find out about courses in First Nations and Indigenous Studies?
Undergraduate First Nations and Indigenous Studies courses are posted here.

Are there any graduate studies available?

Not at the moment, but we plan to offer graduate courses and degrees in the near future. We recently partnered with the First Nations and Indigenous Studies Program to form the Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies.

What Aboriginal resources are available on campus?
The First Nations Studies Students AssociationFirst Nations House of Learning, Indigenous Foundations, and the UBC Vancouver Aboriginal Web Portal are some of the resources that can be accessed at UBC.

What types of financial assistance are available?
Undergraduate students can visit UBC’s pages on Awards & Money Management.